Serving: Park Ridge, Edison Park, and nearby suburbs in and around the Northwest side of Chicago

 psychotherapy & Counseling Services

Brendan D. sULLIVAN, lcsw    

practice statement:

I view psychotherapy as a process that cherishes the unfolding of authentic self-experience. Through our lives as individuals, we may have sacrificed genuine aspects of ourselves, in order to accommodate important others and/or necessarily adapt to certain environments.

Therapy revisits these often-times painful, confusing, and contradictory feelings with the goal of recognizing and elaborating on the parts of the self that are truly original and unique to the individual. Hence scholars (Winnicott,Bollas) have used the term the "true self" to describe the essential core of a person's individuality or "Idiom." . 

Ideally, I strive to assist patients arrive at their own conceptions of what this means to them, rather than making these decisions for them. This-I believe-is the reason therapy can be an empowering tool for well-being and independence.