psychotherapy & Counseling Services

Brendan D. sULLIVAN, lcsw    

Specific Specialty Treating:

  • High school and college athletes 
  • College students and graduate students
  • College graduates adjusting to life-after-school
  • Recent graduates seeking guidance with career exploration
  • Anxiety, depression and other common experiences of high-stress, low self-esteem and uncertainty about the future.

     Young and Emerging Adults are a specific population whom I consider to be the focus of this practice. Although I treat many different age-ranges, this particular developmental period (young/early adulthood) is characterized by unique challenges, and opportunities. While these opportunities are not irreversible, they are formative to one's future on many levels (Annett, 2000). 

While the stress, and complexity of this point in life can seem overwhelming, it offers incredible potential for: a more distinguished self-understanding, enhanced ability to navigate conflicts, and a greater sense of personal autonomy. When individuals have enhanced self awareness at this stage, they are able to pursue and select environments most appropriate for their professional and personal development. 

My dissertation research is centered on the young adult, and his/her use of social media for the purposes of identity formation. This interest has lead to a very specific understanding of the common challenges, and tasks associated with personal health and development among those of this stage. I believe that the task of individuating is most central to the healthy resolution of old conflicts, and to the much-needed experience of inner-freedom to pursue a life course of destiny and not fate (Bollas, 1987).

Serving: Park Ridge, Edison Park, and nearby suburbs in and around the Northwest side of Chicago